Our riders participate in a variety of horse shows in the Houston area, in Texas and throughout the country. A horse show is a judged exhibition of horses. Our local horse shows last from a single day to several days. Each several-hour session of a horse show is referred to as a performance. An individual event within the horse show is called a class. Classes are numbered consecutively throughout the horse show. 

In the performance division, horses are judged rather than the riders. Saddlebred horses compete under saddle (ridden) and in driving events, where they pull a two-wheeled cart or a four-wheeled buggy.  performance and communication with the horse, proper attire, correct form and poise.At most Saddlebred horse shows, riders may show in one of several divisions.  The equitation division, which is very popular among junior riders, allows riders to be judged on their 

You should plan to be at the horse show well ahead of your scheduled class (preferably at the beginning of the performance). Horses and riders assemble in the "warm-up ring" prior to entering the show ring for a given class. When a class is "called," the horses enter the ring one at a time in a counterclockwise direction. This direction is referred to as the "first way" of the ring. After all horses have entered the ring, the gate is closed and the class is underway! During the class, the riders and horses typically perform at the trot, walk and canter in the first way of the ring: followed by the same series of gaits in the opposite direction ("second way"). In most cases, riders "reverse" their horses by pivoting toward the rail. Some Saddlebreds perform two additional gaits, the slow-gait and the rack.The judge usually stands near the center of the ring in a spot that allows her or him to have a good vantage point. The judge calls for each change of gait. The judge's instructions are conveyed by the ringmaster to an announcer. When the class is concluded, the riders are called to line up. Riders are expected to continue in the same direction in which they were traveling around the ring and to line up facing the ringmaster. When the class has been judged, it is said to have been "tied." Places are announced, beginning with first place, by back number and horse or rider name. 

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