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What You Should Bring to the Horse Show

The following apparel is appropriate for academy events: helmet or derby, tailored vest, tailored shirt, collar bar (keeps collar neat), necktie, Kentucky jodhpurs, jodhpur boots (short boots; be sure to polish your boots before the show), leather or other riding gloves. Earrings are optional, but should be stud-type (rhinestone or pearl).

Click on the article below to read about proper attire for the show ring. "How Riding Habits Should Fit"

For hints on how to style your hair in a neat bun for showing, see below.
"How to Make a Pretty Equitation Bun"

Other things to bring to the horse show include: hairspray, brush, hair nets, bobby/hair pins, large safety pins (for back numbers and emergency repairs), number pins (similar to lapel pins—used to fasten back numbers), extra pair of jod tie-downs (elastic band under the foot), and make-up (age appropriate). 

Vest, shirt and tie
   (photo: Hartmeyer's)
Jodhpur boots
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Kentucky jodhpurs